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 Fist of all welcome to my blog

I hope you have fun

And hope you like my blog

you will find here everything that's is sad,dark,drama

I hope you have still fun






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Alter: 27

Ich mag diese...

Musiker: Linkin Park^^+Nirvana><+.My Chimical Romance+Omph!+Ophte+...
Lieder: One Step Closer+In The End+Crawling+What I've Done
and of course everything else from LP^^
Sendungen: //
Filme: X/1999
Schauspieler: Chester Bennington
Bücher: Manga....and Sophie's world
Autoren: //
Sportarten: Basketball
Sportler: Dirk Nowitzki^^
Hobbies: to draw Manga's and make banner's+avatar's^^
Favourite colour^^: well Green and Black^^
Favourite anime/manga charackter\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s: Krad(DN Angel)
Honey(Ouran high)
Kyouya(" ")

and more^^

Mehr über mich...


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